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July 24, 2012
by Barry Livingstone

Announcing Mobile Apps for the Lakes Region NH

See a Demonstration of Our Mobile App CapabilitiesVideo by Onefineham Internet Marketing Plymouth NH- Onefineham Internet Marketing announces mobile apps capability for Lakes Region NH businesses. After several weeks of training and testing, we can finally say that we have … Continue reading

Simple Youtube Video Marketing

February 27, 2012 by Barry Livingstone | 0 comments

It doesn’t take much to make simple youtube video marketing effective for your small business. Here we demonstrate the most rudimentary video possible for a recent release of our updated 2012 edition of our social media marketing eBook, The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

A Simple Youtube Video Marketing Example

As you can see from the video example – it really doesn’t take a very elaborate (or expensive) solution to get the key elements of your message across with a short, uncomplicated video. When you combine that simple video with some of the more basic SEO strategies for video marketing what you end up with is a more complete message combined with powerful SEO backlinks ready to drive additional visitors to your product or squeeze pages. A sample SEO optimized message for your simple Youtube video marketing piece might look something like this:

Automated article syndication is made easy over social networks with The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham. This 2nd edition of the popular eBook will help you overcome the headaches associated with updating multiple social media platforms and communicating a consistent message to your fans and customers.

The beauty of The Social Networking Business Plan is that it not only creates “one click” content / article marketing syndication over the leading social media networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, it also does so by using COMPLETELY FREE resources.

Act now to pick up a copy of the eBook at and receive 3 FREE bonuses, including tips on SEO, Driving Traffic, and increasing the number of Likes on your Facebook pages.

Let Onefineham Make Simple Youtube Videos for Your Business

We here at love making these simple, quick youtube videos because they are easily shared, are high impact, and ultimately build your fan base and increase sales and website traffic. Contact us today for a quote on a simple youtube video marketing piece for your small business in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.