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Custom Finance Widgets for WordPress

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We have been busy creating a finance widget for WordPress with the trading signals gadget we made earlier this year. We did this as a way to demonstrate our expanded ability to create important dynamic content for website owners and businesses.

Announcing the Free Trading Signals Widget for WordPress

In August we have successfully integrated the trading signals gadget program originally written for iGoogle into a free sidebar widget plugin for WordPress (download here). Webmasters with financial niche websites or businesses now have the opportunity to add the trading signals output to their WP blog sidebar (see an example of the installation here).

Customizing Your WordPress Business Site

One of the issues facing website owners today is that while many times their businesses are dynamic, their websites and pages are static. It has long been an important measure of a website’s effectiveness to know how many times a user returns to a page and how often they simply look at one page an leave quickly. Sites which do not have content which changes fairly quickly are doomed to be viewed once and left – probably for good. That is what makes having something which continuously updates ideal for a business website. Here at we strive to take your business out of the static mode and make it dynamic. With our custom WordPress sidebar widget development program, we’ll find **something** in your business that we can make into dynamic, automatically updating content – and bring your website viewers something new to their screens every time they visit. A WordPress business site which has constantly changing content will increase the number of pages viewed and generate a greater amount of social media viral linking activity – all critical elements needed for successful web marketing.

Making Dynamic Content for WordPress or Whatever

Our goal as web developers is to get the dynamic, interesting content your viewers want on your page using whatever platform they happen to choose. These days we have the in-house capability to program your content for use on the internet, on Android mobile apps, and on both custom websites and self-hosted WordPress blogs. Our recent development of the Trading Signals project has demonstrated our team’s ability to get concepts off the drawing table and onto whatever platform we choose to target. If you have content you think your prospective customers would want to see on the web but don’t have the time to continually tweak your online message, contact us for a consult and let us design an automated solution for your business.

One Comment

  1. If my site ever reaches this point, I know where to start now. Thanks!

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