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Onefineham Announces New G7 Carry Trade Index That Tracks Forex Movements


Recent volatility in forex markets is visible in a new light with a new timeseries index from day trading tutorial website Based on the previous work which led to the release of the Risk On Risk Off Trading Signals App for Android(tm) smartphones, the G7 Carry Trade Index tracks in real time the results of the Trading Signals App and plots them in a timeseries chart. The fun and free tool is available for review immediately via the app’s homepage at

G7 Carry Trade Index Screenshot

A Sample Screenshot of the G7 Carry Trade Index
(click for larger image).

The new index computes a score of leading global forex market transactions on a minute by minute basis and outputs a score. This metric (positive or negative) is then added cumulatively to prior results and subsequently output to a chart available at the website.

“Traders familiar with using similar charting signals such as trendlines will be familiar with the idea of examining results over time,” according to Barry Livingstone – web programmer for the index at Onefineham Internet Marketing.

One of the more unique aspects of the index is that it ignores sharp inclines and declines in the marketplace and instead looks at the ongoing momentum underneath the spikes up or down. This can give a trader insight as to whether the recent price movement represents gains which should be locked in immediately (ie reversal imminent) or whether gains are likely to be expanded further by continuing momentum.

“Although the design limitations of project prohibit us from recommending its use as a means of making trading decisions – it still can be an effective model to test theories and examine market trends. It offers visibility of global traders’ risk appetite accumulated over time in or near-real-time – ignoring the immediate term impacts of individual events,” notes Steve Wise, programming collaborator and author of – the site where the original Trading Signals sidebar widget version can been seen as a demonstration.

Datasets of results from the G7 Carry Trade Index are made available to researchers, trading enthusiasts, and other interested parties bi-weekly for a nominal fee via the G7 Carry Trade Index homepage.

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