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August 7, 2014
by Barry Livingstone

G7 Carry Trade Index Goes HTML5 Mobile Friendly

G7CTI Max Range HTML5

The max range on the index is about 2 months.

Onefineham Internet Marketing announces the movement of their G7 Carry Trade Index chart from Flash format to HTML5, resulting in broader mobile device availability for the data chart on most smartphone and tablet devices. Changes in the smartphone marketplaalignfrom supporting Flash-based websites and media presentations and thus had limited the availability of Flash-based media like the G7 Carry Trade Index data chart to desktop and laptop computers.
“For a number of years we had a very nice off-the-shelf solution for our media piece – the G7 CTI chart. We could simply use the standard charting solution off of Google Docs™ program and add it to our website. As time has gone on and best-practices have changed – particularly in the mobile / smartphone space, we have had to adapt our old Flash-based media creatives to HTML5, which has better acceptance over a broader range of devices,” according to Barry Livingstone of Onefineham Internet Marketing.

What’s New with the G7 Carry Trade Index?

One of the important changes to the index is the addition of a second axis, splitting the two sets of data (current and cumulative readings). This allows users to see with much greater clarity how the current reading is impacting the longer term trend. “The utility of the chart is much greater now when looking at shorter time horizons,” added Livingstone.

G7CTI with narrowed ranges

The Zoom Buttons Allow You to View Narrower Ranges

Future Plans Include WordPress Widget

“The flexibility of the Google visualizations platform is that it can allow big data charts to be packaged into smaller, more palatable chunks for webmasters. Large data intensive apps and widgets can slow load times for websites, reducing the utility of the user experience,” said Livingstone. “Carving up the data into smaller bits can make the webmasters a little happier with load times without sacrificing much of the chart’s overall utility to the end user. We’re really happy to be taking our work in a new direction.”

Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described instore Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Google Docs™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.

The G7 Carry Trade Index was designed in collaboration with 3$H Options Trading.

August 6, 2013
by Barry Livingstone

Onefineham Announces New G7 Carry Trade Index That Tracks Forex Movements

Recent volatility in forex markets is visible in a new light with a new timeseries index from day trading tutorial website Based on the previous work which led to the release of the Risk On Risk Off Trading Signals App for Android(tm) smartphones, the G7 Carry Trade Index tracks in real time the results of the Trading Signals App and plots them in a timeseries chart. The fun and free tool is available for review immediately via the app’s homepage at

G7 Carry Trade Index Screenshot

A Sample Screenshot of the G7 Carry Trade Index
(click for larger image).

The new index computes a score of leading global forex market transactions on a minute by minute basis and outputs a score. This metric (positive or negative) is then added cumulatively to prior results and subsequently output to a chart available at the website.

“Traders familiar with using similar charting signals such as trendlines will be familiar with the idea of examining results over time,” according to Barry Livingstone – web programmer for the index at Onefineham Internet Marketing.

One of the more unique aspects of the index is that it ignores sharp inclines and declines in the marketplace and instead looks at the ongoing momentum underneath the spikes up or down. This can give a trader insight as to whether the recent price movement represents gains which should be locked in immediately (ie reversal imminent) or whether gains are likely to be expanded further by continuing momentum.

“Although the design limitations of project prohibit us from recommending its use as a means of making trading decisions – it still can be an effective model to test theories and examine market trends. It offers visibility of global traders’ risk appetite accumulated over time in or near-real-time – ignoring the immediate term impacts of individual events,” notes Steve Wise, programming collaborator and author of – the site where the original Trading Signals sidebar widget version can been seen as a demonstration.

Datasets of results from the G7 Carry Trade Index are made available to researchers, trading enthusiasts, and other interested parties bi-weekly for a nominal fee via the G7 Carry Trade Index homepage.

About Onefineham Internet Marketing
Onefineham Internet Marketing – – established in 2009, is a web-marketing company serving both international clients as well as businesses in the Lakes Region of NH – with a focus on basic publicity services as well as custom dynamic web applications.

About – – is a day trading education site where investors of novice to intermediate stock market knowledge can learn more information about options trading and other high rate investments.

Google, and the Android Platform are trademarks of Google Inc.

August 28, 2012
by Barry Livingstone
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Custom Finance Widgets for WordPress

Click for Larger Image

We have been busy creating a finance widget for WordPress with the trading signals gadget we made earlier this year. We did this as a way to demonstrate our expanded ability to create important dynamic content for website owners and businesses.

Announcing the Free Trading Signals Widget for WordPress

In August we have successfully integrated the trading signals gadget program originally written for iGoogle into a free sidebar widget plugin for WordPress (download here). Webmasters with financial niche websites or businesses now have the opportunity to add the trading signals output to their WP blog sidebar (see an example of the installation here).

Customizing Your WordPress Business Site

One of the issues facing website owners today is that while many times their businesses are dynamic, their websites and pages are static. It has long been an important measure of a website’s effectiveness to know how many times a user returns to a page and how often they simply look at one page an leave quickly. Sites which do not have content which changes fairly quickly are doomed to be viewed once and left – probably for good. That is what makes having something which continuously updates ideal for a business website. Here at we strive to take your business out of the static mode and make it dynamic. With our custom WordPress sidebar widget development program, we’ll find **something** in your business that we can make into dynamic, automatically updating content – and bring your website viewers something new to their screens every time they visit. A WordPress business site which has constantly changing content will increase the number of pages viewed and generate a greater amount of social media viral linking activity – all critical elements needed for successful web marketing.

Making Dynamic Content for WordPress or Whatever

Our goal as web developers is to get the dynamic, interesting content your viewers want on your page using whatever platform they happen to choose. These days we have the in-house capability to program your content for use on the internet, on Android mobile apps, and on both custom websites and self-hosted WordPress blogs. Our recent development of the Trading Signals project has demonstrated our team’s ability to get concepts off the drawing table and onto whatever platform we choose to target. If you have content you think your prospective customers would want to see on the web but don’t have the time to continually tweak your online message, contact us for a consult and let us design an automated solution for your business.

July 24, 2012
by Barry Livingstone

Announcing Mobile Apps for the Lakes Region NH

See a Demonstration of Our Mobile App Capabilities
Video by Onefineham Internet Marketing

Plymouth NH- Onefineham Internet Marketing announces mobile apps capability for Lakes Region NH businesses. After several weeks of training and testing, we can finally say that we have gotten a handle on programming Android(tm) Smartphone mobile apps for business use for both our local clients and international clients. With the help of some web tools provided for programmers, we were able to successfully program, test, package, and upload for distribution our first mobile app – a fully functional free Trading Signals mobile app.

Mobile Apps the Next Frontier for Business

These days people prefer to use their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads, and iPhones to stay connected and make informed decisions. Businesses that wish to keep pace must have information accessible to mobile devices in a friendly format at a minimum. Businesses that wish to get ahead however need to innovate and provide mobile functionality over and content to attract and retain new clients.

Accelerating Adoption Rate of High Function Mobile Gadgets

According to, adoption of SmartPhone technology is growing faster than any technology in recent history – and adoption of tablet devices is tracking an even faster adoption rate. Price points and service quality have quickly reached the targets needed to facilitate broad public adoption of the technologies. People have long wanted the ability to stay up to speed globally whereever they are without being forced to drag around bulky devices. With the game-changing iPhone launch the smartphone device leapt from business essential device to must-have consumer device, and the race for more and better function and connectivity was on!

Local Business with Much to Gain from Mobile Apps

Local businesses stand to gain much from their ability to connect to potential new clients. In the same way that a phone book listing was essential two decades ago and a web page was essential 10 years ago, a mobile-friendly presence is essential today. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring mobile users to your business today with mobile apps and innnovative web gadgets today.

Simple Youtube Video Marketing

February 27, 2012 by Barry Livingstone | 0 comments

It doesn’t take much to make simple youtube video marketing effective for your small business. Here we demonstrate the most rudimentary video possible for a recent release of our updated 2012 edition of our social media marketing eBook, The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham.

A Simple Youtube Video Marketing Example

As you can see from the video example – it really doesn’t take a very elaborate (or expensive) solution to get the key elements of your message across with a short, uncomplicated video. When you combine that simple video with some of the more basic SEO strategies for video marketing what you end up with is a more complete message combined with powerful SEO backlinks ready to drive additional visitors to your product or squeeze pages. A sample SEO optimized message for your simple Youtube video marketing piece might look something like this:

Automated article syndication is made easy over social networks with The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham. This 2nd edition of the popular eBook will help you overcome the headaches associated with updating multiple social media platforms and communicating a consistent message to your fans and customers.

The beauty of The Social Networking Business Plan is that it not only creates “one click” content / article marketing syndication over the leading social media networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, it also does so by using COMPLETELY FREE resources.

Act now to pick up a copy of the eBook at and receive 3 FREE bonuses, including tips on SEO, Driving Traffic, and increasing the number of Likes on your Facebook pages.

Let Onefineham Make Simple Youtube Videos for Your Business

We here at love making these simple, quick youtube videos because they are easily shared, are high impact, and ultimately build your fan base and increase sales and website traffic. Contact us today for a quote on a simple youtube video marketing piece for your small business in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

June 5, 2011
by Barry Livingstone

A Social Media Marketing Strategy for Lakes Region Business Owners

Plymouth, NH – 6/4/11
Small business owners who are taking advantage of the social networking marketing revolution are taking market share in today’s struggling economy. That is why small business supporter Barry Livingstone wrote The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham. According to the 47 page PDF it is possible to setup an automated social media marketing strategy using all free resources in about a day.

According to a 2010 study by Gillian Heltai of comScore and Greg Stewart of 15 Miles 70% of people lookup a company online first – making an online presence a must in today’s competitive environment. Says Livingstone, “I see my small business owner friends struggling to keep their businesses afloat week after week. I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to write this book to help them understand how to ‘get social’ for lack of a better word.” Published originally in August 2009, the book has gone through a couple of iterations as the social media landscape has changed. “Nothing stands still on the internet,” says Livingstone.

The strategy of the book is designed around de-mystifying the major social networking sites and technology. It looks at the major industry players and illustrates screen by screen where to go to setup accounts and then how to link them all together in a coherent marketing strategy. By the end of the book small business owners not only have presence on the social media scene but also a way to put out a consistent stream of publicity out through those networks.

Although The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham is not likely to change the way mega-corporations handle their social media marketing, “Small business owners can definitely profit from it,” according to Livingstone. “Small business owners face daily challenges running their business: cash management, operations, personnel, customer relations. It’s hard enough to do all those things and then try to figure out how to grow your business. I was determined to create a social media marketing plan that small business owners could read once, setup in one day, and then walk away.”

Learn more: