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Announcing Mobile Apps for the Lakes Region NH


See a Demonstration of Our Mobile App Capabilities
Video by Onefineham Internet Marketing

Plymouth NH- Onefineham Internet Marketing announces mobile apps capability for Lakes Region NH businesses. After several weeks of training and testing, we can finally say that we have gotten a handle on programming Android(tm) Smartphone mobile apps for business use for both our local clients and international clients. With the help of some web tools provided for programmers, we were able to successfully program, test, package, and upload for distribution our first mobile app – a fully functional free Trading Signals mobile app.

Mobile Apps the Next Frontier for Business

These days people prefer to use their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, iPads, and iPhones to stay connected and make informed decisions. Businesses that wish to keep pace must have information accessible to mobile devices in a friendly format at a minimum. Businesses that wish to get ahead however need to innovate and provide mobile functionality over and content to attract and retain new clients.

Accelerating Adoption Rate of High Function Mobile Gadgets

According to, adoption of SmartPhone technology is growing faster than any technology in recent history – and adoption of tablet devices is tracking an even faster adoption rate. Price points and service quality have quickly reached the targets needed to facilitate broad public adoption of the technologies. People have long wanted the ability to stay up to speed globally whereever they are without being forced to drag around bulky devices. With the game-changing iPhone launch the smartphone device leapt from business essential device to must-have consumer device, and the race for more and better function and connectivity was on!

Local Business with Much to Gain from Mobile Apps

Local businesses stand to gain much from their ability to connect to potential new clients. In the same way that a phone book listing was essential two decades ago and a web page was essential 10 years ago, a mobile-friendly presence is essential today. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring mobile users to your business today with mobile apps and innnovative web gadgets today.

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