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Press Releases and Publicity

Press releases and publicity are a specialty of Onefineham Internet Marketing. To say we have written hundreds of press releases in our short existance would be a gross understatement. Suffice to say whether you want a simple statement page put out about your business, or a full blown media campaign complete with graphics, PR distribution, and video, we can very likely accomodate your needs.

Why Bother with Press Releases Today?

Traditional media publishing has always been a staple of good local business marketing – but the next generation of customers uses the internet to find where to shop, dine out, or otherwise find what they are looking for. Several industries are in deep trouble, namely print media, newspapers, the post office, and the phone book. If you are trying to grow your business (or even more importantly introduce it – see an example of small business grand opening press release), you need to be online, and you need to use a service that offers a local personal touch. You need to work with somebody that KNOWS you and your business.

How Onefineham Internet Marketing Will Work for You

As you will have seen in the sample press release above, Onefineham will visit your business and get to know what you offer and how you operate. We will then describe your business in a complimentary way with both images and words so that someone searching for solutions will find you and feel comfortable walking into your business and start asking questions. From there… developing that new customer relationship is up to you!

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