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Innovative Promotional Web Gadgets

An Example of a Google Gadget Made by Onefineham

Our Client Wanted Dynamic – Self-Updated Content. We Delivered.

Programming innovative web gadgets (and in particular financial gadgets) is one of the more recent skills we’ve added to our repetoire for our internet marketing clients. Our ability to create and publish innovative tools and gadgets available for immediate download by YOUR customers can put your marketing message where you want it most: on the desktop of your customers’ most used web home page.

Homepages a Popular Destination for Web Users

One of the most basic functions users come to the web for is information. Savvy web users have long taken advantage of the home page features of the leading platforms – be it Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Content providers that have partnered with these major portals to the broader web have seen fantastic and consistent traffic from loyal users. Users that find a website they like can add the content of that page to their desktop – if it can be made easy for them.

How Onefineham Internet Marketing Can Help

We here at Onefineham Internet Marketing strive to bridge the gap between your customers and your business. We desire to make it easy for your customers to find the latest information and best offers on the web from your business – in REAL TIME. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, some less invasive than others. There was a time when everyone thought email marketing was the answer to the web problem. Then came spam emails. Next up was Social Media Marketing… which also has begun its own devolution into spam. Today businesses are seeking new solutions to old problems without the same ugly distaste involved with brand-damaging junk-mail methods. Today customers and businesses want to bridge the information gap without being invasive or spammy. The key is getting the information to your clients WHEN they are looking for it… not by jamming their inbox full of emails they dread to see in their inbox or Social Media updates that they ultimately block. They want information AVAILABLE… but not in a way that blocks the other content they deem valuable.

Enter a New Solution: Gadgets for Google

One solution we have developed is the ability to put content on those great aforementioned home pages where your customers add their KEY INFORMATION SOURCES. Getting YOUR content on THEIR homepage is THE solution. Having said that one of the most popular and useful desktop platforms is run by Google. We now have the in-house skills to create dynamic programs which your users can add to their own favorite home page platforms with the click of a button. Doing so will put your marketing message right on the desktop of your customers whenever they go to their favorite home page for content.