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Website Design

Website design does not have to be overly expensive or elaborate to be effective for small business owners. In most cases a simple page or two with basic information are more than enough to convey the message and mission of your business. Here are a couple of ways Onefineham Internet Marketing approaches local business website design

Minimize Website Design Wherever Possible

My goal in designing websites for small businesses in the Lakes Region NH is to find the lowest cost, lowest maintenance, yet thoroughly effective solution for putting your business on the web. In the vast majority of cases a basic information page is more than enough (and inexpensive!) to deliver the important details about your business. The greater majority of your marketing budget will be spent elsewhere (think Press Releases and Publicity) in an effort to increase traffic to your site.

Business owners are saturated with offers promoting expensive solutions and complex, hard to maintain websites. Being bombarded with offers can be a real turn off for a busy small business owner, but it’s important not to ignore the web entirely!

Special Offer for Lakes Region NH Chamber of Commerce Members

If you’re a member of the Plymouth NH Chamber of Commerce (or surrounding area Chamber) Contact us today for a free interview session and press release. I’d love the opportunity to learn about your business and you’ll get a free press release (see an example local press release) in exchange for your valuable time!