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Website Hosting

Any online business needs *some* form of Website Hosting. What most web designers and businesses won’t tell you is that more often than not your business can get free web hosting that will suit your needs. Web hosting does not have to cost alot, and in most cases, SHOULD NOT cost alot.

Free Web Hosting Solutions for Many Businesses

While the allure of free web hosting solutions seems like a great idea, it comes with some caveats. First and foremost, free web hosting sites more often than not come with some pretty heavy restrictions. This shouldn’t permanently put you off the idea of free sites, but bear in mind that if you break the rules (or worse, the rules change… which they frequently do) your website can be here today, gone the next. Believe me, it has happened to me on several occasions – the one caveat I give users when they use no-cost hosting services is – MAKE OR PAY FOR BACKUPS OF YOUR SITE!

How Onefineham Lakes Region Internet Marketing Can Help with Hosting

As previously mentioned, more often than not most brick and mortar small businesses need a simple page or two of information either describing their business or providing a phone number or directions to the store. Depending on just how in depth you wish to go, there are literally HUNDREDS of potential solutions to creating free or low cost pages. Where I come in is I have worked with DOZENS of these free locations and am familiar with the rules and techniques of using each of them.

What that means is based on what I learn about your business I can tell you which solutions might work best for your and how to implement a solution that meets your online presence needs. *MORE IMPORTANTLY* – the solutions I will design will bring customers to your door or phone from the web.

What about More Elaborate Solutions?

Some businesses require more intricate websites, perhaps including some type of user interaction, additional graphics, video, and sound. Some brick and mortar small businesses would like to be able to accept payments online. All of these things are possible at Onefineham Internet Marketing. Our platinum solutions offer a variety of larger, more elaborate websites and include payment processing options. Payment processing solutions are based on number of items and include expansion modules. The downside to more elaborate online presence solutions is they are quite a bit more expensive than the free website solutions. I have to tell you though, the ability to accept online payments is NICE!

Take the time to contact us via our contact page. I’m more than happy to travel in the Lakes Region NH to learn about your business and help you take some solid steps to move your business forward online.

Best to you and your business!